Common Types Of Home Care Services

These days, many people seek quality in-home care services, which serve as a great alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. These home care services provide our senior citizens with an opportunity to stay in familiar surroundings and offer much greater freedom as well. When it comes to the services themselves, there are a number of types to choose from, depending on the needs of an individual. Throughout this article, we will cover the most popular and widely offered services, the ones you should consider for your elderly as well.


Community Assistance Services

Home care providers may also provide services that can aid with the tasks not typically done inside the home. If you have a standard 9 to 5 job, you will find it quite difficult to help your parents. Fortunately, a home care service worker will handle this task. They can escort your parents to the pharmacy, to a doctor’s appointment, or to a nearby grocery store for some food shopping. Additionally, your parents might also wish to attend the church services or spend some time at the local senior center. If that is the case, a service worker will have no problems escorting them to these places while ensuring their well-being.

While your parents are outside with the service worker, you can have some rest and respite, to recharge and properly prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Personal Care Services

asdasdasdAs our loved ones slowly age, they may require personal help with certain care tasks. This is a great option, especially for those who perform the majority of these care tasks for their elderly parents

Household Chores

Our elderly loved ones also usually end up being incapable of handling their household chores. Given how difficult it is for us to squeeze some time to help them, often we need the help of others. This is exactly where home care services can aid us by offering a helping hand. These services are especially beneficial for people who have gone through surgeries that limit their mobility, such as a hip replacement, or a knee surgery.

The Tasks

A personal care assistant will help by handling the dishes and laundry, and by mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming the entire house. Before signing a contract, you should always agree in regards to the chores you would like the assistant to handle and how frequently. For instance, you may want to have the sheets changed and cleaned once a week, but have the bathroom wiped and cleaned at least two times a week.

In the end, when discussing the services, make sure to mention any specific needs of your loved ones. The agency’s coordinator will include these and determine which type of home care would be most suitable.…

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